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Superdrualic range of anti wear hydraulic
fluid is available in ISO Viscosity Grades 22,
32, 46, 68, 100, 150 and 220

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  • Improved equipment life and decreased downtime due to superior wear and corrosion protection
  • Enhanced chemical and thermal stability provide long fluid life and permit higher operating temperatures
  • Excellent air release and antifoam properties to prevent cavitation and oxidation


  • ISO Viscosity Grade 68
  • Cincinnati Milacron P68, P69, P73
  • Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-5


It is formulated using advanced Zinc Dithiophosphate additive technology
providing superior protection against pump wear, excellent filterability,
good thermal stability, low fluid / water interaction, excellent air release,
foaming and demulsibility properties and good protection against corrosion.
It offers good seal and paint compatibility.

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