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XP-F is our range of ‘Forged’ products designed for applications that need extreme toughness but unlike the ripper boots, longevity of wear is not so important. Predominantly parts such as scarifier shanks are produced in this material, where toughness is required over a combination of toughness and wear life.

XP-R Double tempered Ripper boots are WPA’s latest cutting-edge advancement in ripper boot design and technology.
The specially formulated material used in W PA XP-R Extreme duty ripper boot range is double tempered to produce the toughest, most resilient ripper boots available in the market today. Increased toughness provides exceptional wear performance, balanced with superior resistance to high impact and this is where our XP-R ripper boot range delivers maximum production, even in the most extreme conditions.

These boots are easily recognisable by their Red tip, making the choice even easier for the customer. Please view the video on our website for further information.

XP-A indicates our new range of Super V adaptors using our unique ‘Shell Core Technology’ manufacturing method.
This foundry moulding method gives the WPA product unprecedented accuracy in critical dimensions of the ‘fit’ areas of our super V range of products and is unmatched by other foundry methods used for similar ranges by our competitors for ‘consistency of product’ all year round. In the Super V range, fit is critical and our ‘Shell Core Technology’ manufacturing method assures customers they are getting the best possible consistent fit available in the market.

This has been the preferred method of manufacturing by leading GET OEM’s such as Esco& Bradken, making our Super V range of adaptors the closest to the original as is possible and comes with the full support from our WPA foundry team.

1XP is WPA ’s ‘Extreme Performance’ material used in our loader & excavator edges and designed to deliver 20-30% more wear life than the industry standard 30MnB steel.
This improvement is delivered by a steel that is a true ‘through-hardened’ steel, meaning that unlike the 30MnB (that is not fully through hardened) our 1XP material does not display a ‘soft core’, so the wear life remains consistent throughout the entire thickness of the edge

Please view the 1XP video on our Website for more information on our edge design for maximum material flow.

2XP steel is WPA ’s newly designed material, used in the production of our Super V tooth range of products, offering a cast, low alloy steel equivalent to the OEM specifications

Our 3XP and 4XP ranges are not currently being used but will be utilised on future developments. Please keep an ey on this space as we will update you on any further information that becomes available.

5XP steel is WPA’s newly designed material used in the production of our Super V adaptor range of products, offering a cast low alloy steel equivalent to the OEM specification. Get in contact with us today if you would like to find out more.


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